5 Notorious SEO Mistakes That You Might Be Making

Online marketers spend significant work hours to decode the mystery of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From SEO jargon to Google updates and search engine algorithms, there is a lot that needs to be covered. What adds to their dilemma is the dynamic nature of technology. What they know about SEO today may be of no significance a year down the line.

Another aspect that can lead to SEO malfunction is that the marketers or business owners get too absorbed in the concepts of social media, designing and better web rankings. Whether doing things by themselves or working with a hired SEO company in Mumbai, they tend to miss out on SEO best practices that will keep their digital brand intact.

If your aim is to build a sound website that will not be gobbled up by the next Google update then do not make these simple yet terrible SEO mistakes.

1. Keyword stuffing

There can be nothing more displeasing then a badly stuffed website copy. Keywords or phrases repeated over and over again. Though you may yourself hate to come across such web content, there are times when marketers fall for such tactics to manipulate their website’s ranking in Google search results. This is the key reason why Google keeps coming up with so many updates. Over-usage of keywords is big NO with Google and can raise red flags. Apparently, such practice makes your web content look like spam.

2. Poor quality spam links

Long gone are the days of black hat SEO practices, when generating unnatural links was a hit way of rising quickly on Google search engine rankings. Now it is all about quality. Those who are currently practicing this are fooling themselves and not Google. Instead of losing your time on generating unnatural, paid-for or spam links invest it in SEO activities that facilitate organic generation of links.

3. Use of too many keywords

Straying away from the topic and filling too many different keywords in one copy may look like an easy way to optimize your content for as many keywords as possible. But the truth is that this practice greatly diminishes your content’s relevancy. Google’s aim is to quickly deliver viewers with the most relevant results on its search engine results page. It will leave out pages that have confusing content.

4. Expecting quick SEO results for a new website

It takes time to build a good SEO foundation for a website. Do not forget that a website’s history is also taken into account. You or your hired SEO Company in India should rather invest time in PPC activity to gain visibility for your new website till the time your SEO efforts start to show results.

5. Not using the Google keyword tool

Unlike what many people believe it is a wise step to use Google keyword tool before creating your content. It is a big mistake not to do so. The Google keyword tool will reveal to you the queries viewers put in search boxes to find the information related to your business or product/ service. Building your content around these keywords will make your articles or blogs easier to reach.


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